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The Best Helper For Corner Cleaning,vacuum cleaner

The friend who has not used the vacuum cleaner may not know the function of the vacuum cleaner, feel that they rarely clean health. Buy a machine takes up space. The impression that probably most people still stays to it sweeps vacuum cleaner, do not know the outspread effect of vacuum cleaner.

People still complain that cleaning is tiring and time-consuming. However, there have been selling small vacuum cleaners on the market, to keep up with the progress of science and technology, let life more easier, more beautiful!

 Today, let's take a look at what small vacuum cleaners can do.
  • 1. Absorb dust and small particles: Dust, hair and bread crumbs hidden in the corner can be cleaned with this portable vacuum cleaner. Whether used at home, in the office, or in the car, a vacuum cleaner can remove the mess from a corner.
  • Clean mold spores: In addition to absorbing dust, the vacuum cleaner can also be in addition to mites, and the mold on clothes.

2. Two different working levels help complete the cleaning quickly:
For different dust with normal and strong speed, all the troubles all beat away.
High grade 6KPA+ -0.5kpa low grade 4.0kpa + -0.4kpa
  1. Large dust capacity: up to 400ML
  • 3. Detachable, easy-to-clean filter screen:
Handheld, easy to carry, the components are easy to disassemble and clean.
One key, easy to operate.
4. Two other removable cleaning tools:
The Brush Tool is suitable for hiding dust in areas such as sofas and keyboards.
The Crevice Tool can help you get to hard-to-touch corners to make cleaning easier.
  1. A multi-functional vacuum cleaner that can be recharged and stored electricity:
High-end: battery life is 10 minutes.Low Level: 20 min (+-2 min)

With a handy vacuum cleaner, no longer do you have to spend hours cleaning the animal hair in your home, the corner dust of your office keyboard, or the sticky dust of your car seat. It doesn't hurt to own a vacuum cleaner, just be careful about which is right for you.