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The difference between nylon co-extrusion bag and composite bag

The difference between nylon co-extrusion bag and composite bag

The nylon co-extrusion bag is composed of PA, EVOH, PE, PP, TIE and other resins. 7 layers hot fusion bonding without adhesive, so co-extrusion film is more reliable to the health and safety of food packaging.


The addition of PA and EVOH not only greatly improved the barrier of multilayer film to oxygen and fragrance, also improved composite peel strength, environmental resistance and preservation period. Nylon co-extrusion bags are multilayer co-extrusion high barrier packaging , which is the world's most advanced food flexible packaging material, co-extrusion is a kind of green environmental protection composite flexible packaging production method, Yumyths 7 layers nylon co-extrusion : Resin raw materials such as PA, PE, PP, TIE, EVOH, etc. were melted and extruded respectively, and then merged in a die head through their respective flow channels, formed through blowing, cooled and compounded together. Co-extrusion packaging materials have the characteristics of pollution-free, high-barrier, strong function, low cost, small volume ratio, high strength, flexible structure, etc. It makes the production process to be pollution-free. It is the best choice of food packaging.  




Nylon composite bag with the same material with nylon co-extrusion, the main difference between the composite bag and the co-extrusion bag is structure . Composite bag is composed of surface layer/adhesive layer 1/ intermediate barrier layer/cat layer 2/ inner thermal seal layer through the laminating machine layer by layer together, it needed to add glue in the middle . Composite bag is wide use, but the disadvantage of nylon composite is dry weather, especially in winter, the vacuum break rate will be much higher. 

The difference between nylon co-extrusion bag and composite bag food vacuum sealer bag rolls for household using