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The Usages of Food Air Valve Bag

If you pay attention to health, and focus on the taste of food materials, then you are certainly not strange to the air valve bag. 

The functions and characteristics of the air valve bag are becoming more and more familiar, but do you really understand the bag and make full use of its value?

1. What is air valve bag?

* You can preserve food through air valve bag to prolong food storage

* The air valve bag keeps many kinds of food, including DRY food and MOIST food.

* Special air removal channels design for fast and easy vacuuming


Now that you know what an air valve bag is, take a look at its partner:

* Vacuum Sealer

* Manual Vacuum Pump

* Smoke Infuser


I. Vacuum Sealer

Vacuum sealer is a fast vacuum food environment, sealing machine. Some vacuum sealers on the market are automatic, sealing and keeping fresh more quickly and conveniently


Combined with vacuum hose, Yumyth’s vacuum sealer can work with air valve bag to gain a better vacuum sealing effect.


II. Manual Vacuum Pump

Linked with the vacuum outlet of air valve bag, portable manual vacuum pump can remove internal bacteria and fresh air, keeping food last five times longer than normal preservation.

Durable zipper bag can be used repetitively.

Select the right size to meet the different demands.




III. Smoke Infuser

Smoke Infuser combined vacuum and smoke function, preserve smoked food with easy operation and outstanding vacuum effect. When you have smoked your favorite food, you can just use the air valve bag to keep it fresh as well.


All the time,Yumyth has been adhering to the road of integrity, high quality, choosing healthy raw material, durable multiple layers technique to achieve the best quality.


2. What’s our shining point?

* The zipper lock bags created by our engineer, which support to clean easily and reuse.

* BPA FREE, without heavy metal, puncture resistant, no odor

* About structure: Seven layers co-extruded technique(PA+PE)

* Excellent tensile property, support freeze, microwave and simmer

* passed the certificate of FDA, LFGB and BPA free, ROHS, QS, REACH, PAHS, SCCP, DGC, CRF


Anyone who has used it knows the benefits. If you haven't tried all three machines yet, give it a try!


The Usages of Food Air Valve Bag