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The Ways to Keep Food Fresh

The Ways to Keep Food Fresh

People go to the supermarket once in a long time because of their busy work, and they bring a lot of food with them when they come back from the supermarket, but every time they waste it because the food is not fresh. So what can you do to keep your food fresh?


Before choosing food, it's important to remember that refrigerators are not as powerful as you think. Refrigerators give food a good preservation environment, food in low temperature oxidation is relatively slow. However, many people mistakenly believe that refrigerators must be able to preserve food for a long time, but they would find that after experience, refrigerators have odor. This is because some foods interact with each other to produce a bad taste.



Each food is preserved in different ways:

1. Meat : Use vacuum bags for which will usually keep 2-3 days in refrigerator but 12-13 days Max in vacuum.

2. Seafood and fish: with vacuum bags, they can be extended from 1-3 days to 6-12 days. Remember to use a napkin to dry the water before sealing. Food should not have too much water attached to it, otherwise it will affect the vacuum packaging effect.

3. Processed food: If canisters rust, they will produce harmful substances and endanger health. It is better to use vacuum cans to seal such sauces.

Normal storage is 2-3 days, and extended storage is 12-15 days.

4. Nuts with a high lipid: that content are easily oxidized, avoid contact with the air as much as possible. It can only be stored for 1-2 days in normal storage, and can be stored for 2-3 months after vacuum seal.

However, some dry foods, such as rice, tea and beans, can be stored for one month in ordinary storage, but can even be stored for one year, and even two years after vacuum storage!

5. Vegetables: It is normal for some vegetables to produce gas naturally when stored, but these vegetables can be stored for a short time, even after being stored in vacuum.Raw onions/ Garlic / Cabbages / LettuceExcept for them, other vegetables can be stored for 3-5days normally, and 7-10days when sealed in vacuum.


After learning the best way to store food, you no longer have to worry about being too busy to buy food. Quick and practical. After you buy the ingredients, you can use the technology correctly to extend the freshness. Anyway, food kept in the refrigerator alone is not as good as the vacuum seal & the refrigerator, the vacuum seal will make the fresh-keeping more effective.