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Vacuum Sealer Innovation And Selective Diversity

It is obvious that human beings need innovation and the survival of the fittest.


In the corporate culture of Yumyth, every member of Yumyth has always adhered to the core values of passion, integrity, innovation and positive energy. Because of these ideas, we have put two or three new vacuum machines on the market by the end of 2020 and early 2021. For our vacuum machine type has contributed a strength. First look at our Yumyth family!



Everyone has different preferences, we have a new variety, just ask us, you can take home your favorite style!



1. -80kPa super vacuum seal pump to ensure that in low decibel can also achieve high efficiency vacuum, tight sealing;

2. Large roll storage space, make the kitchen more concise;

3. The Pulse/Stop function is retained to protect the shape of food in time and control it at any time without worrying about the loss of accessories;

4. Indicator light reminds operation status, not easy to make mistakes, easy to control.



1. Dry/moist food selection, vacuum pressure tailored to your food for optimal results;

2. Transparent window: Visualization of the device for placing the seal bag;

3. Heating wire is heat resistant PBT material, even if it is continuous sealing, stainless steel heat resistant, will not change;

4. Cover can be painted, a variety of colors personalized customization.


VS2202: the same function as 2201;But in order to provide more and more comprehensive options, VS2202 uses a stainless steel cover, scratch resistance to achieve the highest and promote the appearance



Vacuum Sealer Innovation And Selective Diversity