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Vacuum Sealer New Revolution-YUMYTH

Vacuum Sealer New Revolution-YUMYTH


Hi there! Believe you are the kitchen cook lover. Small kitchen appliance cover many food processor which will more convenient to our daily life even our health. Saving our time by efficiently cuisine. As breakfast machine,juicer,toaster bringing us a red-blooded and energetic at morning. A bowl of soup decoct by stockpot in minutes rather than whole night.Get relaxed with  grabbing enjoyable in leisure time.


Here goes another appliance may make your eye shine at the moment. Few people will consider the leftover storage in properly method. Right now FOOD VACUUM SEALER from Yumyth is coming for you.With the ability of research and development R&D Team. Just now we have launched a Patented model once again. It is by detachable subvert fixed as ordinary. VS6630/VS6631 all circuit board will be installed on upper lid including heating wire,apart from lower lid so that allow directly water-washed. After all,food item moisture and sauce will left in chamber may slip into internal of cover expedite machine aging. Repalceable sealing gasket form easier to get a new one!


Back to basic setting,VS6630 win more satisfaction of the stylish appearance. Smoothly rotated switch to activate food mode,guide light flash shows in processing. Light off means function completely.

Accessory vacuum port in conspicuous position additional for liquid bottle and vacuum canister. Vacuum sensor monitor container negative data, stop suction till -40KPa. Release button getting fresh item quickly. Dont worry about the start kit,we prepared it already such as PE vacuum channel bag,Vacuum roll,Silicone Vacuum hose in gift box.


PULSE vacuum protect delicate snack from over vacuum. Vacuum effect depends on you! Built in bag cutter sharp for all vacuum embossed bag cutting no more charge.


Simplify process get a highly brilliant living way,you deserved it!