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Vacuum Sealer Operation Tips That You Should Noted

Household vacuum sealer become more essential in our daily kitchen food storage. Not only dried nut snack but also the moist type included fruit and vegetable. Liquid juicy food vacuum needs take more attention when operate as liquid leakage may damage vacuum pump.



A. Change with the bigger size bag for the oiled food item,finish the vacuum and seal before sauce suck up to the bag opening which may impact the vacuum effect.


B. Wrap & dry the bag opening by cleaned tissue,make sure at least 5cm distance area from opening stay dry before vacuuming.


C. Empty the dray trip and wipe the device between each uses. Some removable chamber is friendly for directly washing.


D. Most of sealing gasket of vacuum sealer install method is sticking. Aged and wastage will weaken the flexibility after long time using. Go to customer service to buy the new spare part from the shop you got the vacuum sealer.


Vacuum bag

Even the seller assert the vacuum bag is reusable and dishwasher-safe. What we recommended is dispose the bag after raw meat or sea food packing. Bacteria is growing fast in damp condition.Only can it be reused when bag is packed for fruit or vegetable that without juice residue. More hygienic is healthier.

Instead of aluminum composite bag,PA+PE plastic bag is easier to have the best opening sealed due to the thinner thickness(no tear as well).Regular single side vacuum embossed channel achieve airtightness in second.


Operation frequency

More than 90 percent vacuum sealer is by heat seal. Continuous heating operation may shorten the heat wire lifetime. Even won’t cause the damage but it’s better to leave a space rest for 20-30 second for cool down between each program. Fifty time uses is allow under above required terms.


Vacuum pack is the most time saving,money saving method for food original nutrition keeper.  Wastage reducing become all our duty in our life.

 Vacuum Sealer Operation Tips That You Should Noted