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Vacuum Sealing Bags - Do You Know The Food Bags You are Using

Vacuum Sealing Bags - Do You Know The Food Bags You are Using

Vacuum sealing bags are containers designed to keep food fresh, like the plastic wrap or plastic bag you use today. But even with those clingfilm, your food will still tend to be dull and texture less, and you should know why -- the organisms in your food oxidize with oxygen and affect the appearance and texture of your food. Plastic bags and plastic wrap are simple packaging, but oxygen is still present and the food doesn't last long.

But the vacuum bag perfectly avoids these problems, removing air long before it can be sealed. Before buying the bag, we need to understand the following points, otherwise it is easy to buy the wrong vacuum bag.

  1. Understand the material of vacuum bag:
Yumyth vacuum bag is composed of PA+PE, using a seven-layer co-extrusion process. They work together to keep the food fresh, moisture-proof, insect-proof, preservative, and recyclable.

2. Know if the bag is safe:
Food packaging must be safe and healthy, Yumyth vacuum bags are made of food grade materials, there is no concern about safety issues. These materials are certified by professional organizations including FDA, BPA Free, LFGB and etc.

3. Know the quality of the bag:
Punch resistance is important. A bag that punctures easily is a real headache. Look for bags on the market that stretch well, puncture resistance , are free of heavy metal residue and odor-free.

4. Be familiar with bag compatible machine:
In fact, vacuum sealing bags are suitable for almost all vacuum machines on the market. Clear air removal channels is an important feature of vacuum food. Details are very important. Only the best coordination can provide more possibilities for food preservation.

5. Understand other uses of vacuum bags:
Sous vide is an indispensable accessory, if you have Sous vide at home, there should be a vacuum bag. You used once will be addicted. Don't worry. Vacuum bags are heat-resistant and can withstand from -28to 100.

You can also use a vacuum bag in the microwave oven, cut a small incision, and put it directly in the microwave oven.(Can be used in Middle&High heat mode: less than 30 s )This convenient and quick way is definitely a favorite feature of busy workers.

Don't forget that in addition to these two machines, you can also store vacuum bags in refrigerators, freezers, and other food storage areas.

Vacuum bags help cut down on food waste, make it last longer, and allow you to eat the freshest and most delicious food even during a busy workday. They are also a must for travel and camping trips.