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What Are The Improvements Of Modern Vacuum Sealer

Vacuum packaging technology originated in the 1940s. In 1950, plastic film was successfully used for vacuum packaging. Since then, vacuum packaging has developed rapidly, and packaging technology and efficiency have been gradually improved.

 With the change of times, people pay more attention to their own health, and eating is closely related to health. Vacuum packaging machine is often used in the food industry, after vacuum packaging, food can resist oxidation, so as to achieve the purpose of long-term preservation, so the role of vacuum machine has been popularized, vacuum packaging industry has developed rapidly.

There are all kinds of multifunctional vacuum machines on the market, so how to distinguish the advantages, choose a suitable for your own and high quality vacuum machine?

Dry& Moist Food Types
It provides different working statuses for dry or moist food ingredients/ objects, helping to achieve a better performance of vacuum and sealing. (Some vacuum sealers food moist food are not as good as dry food package)

Outdoor Use: USB Rechargeable
Its supplied by DC power resource, supporting both indoor and outdoor use. Such as the vacuum package for some food ingredients, drinks, wine in the home. Outside activities like fishing, picnic, camping, hunting and etc.  (Some vacuum sealers in the market are available for home use only.)

Pulse And Stop Function
Pulse setting is a manual mode for you to control working manually, preventing bag from puncture when packing food with sharp edges, protecting the soft food shape.
Stop function is available to be used when you think process is good enough, press stop and then activate seal function. (This is a patent design, taking care of fragile food storage)

Detachable And Assemble Easily Bottom Lid
With 15 ml liquid capacity, vacuum sealer works good for food package with a little liquid. Equipped with a detachable design, bottom lid can be taken off and cleaned easily. Washable, wipeable, dishwasher safe, assemble easily. (It owns utility and appearance patent, easier for cleaning.)

Powerful Vacuum Suction System
Up to -60 kpa vacuum pressure, Yumyth vacuum sealer meets your tightly sealed package in the optimal effect, achieves five times longer and fresher than tradition storage.

Human Touch Safely Heating Wire
12 V heating wire is a safe voltage for human body, no worry for electric leakage. Please still be careful for scalding after each use. (Some suppliers adopts 220 V high voltage with poor price, its very danger if meeting electric leakage.)

Other features:
High quality stainless steel, Built in bag cutter, NTC overheat protect system, VAC Accessory function for wine bottles& jar& air valve bags.

Food vacuum packing has been developing and improving rapidly, what we need to do is to improve our technology and meet your demands. Are you satisfied with these functions?

What Are The Improvements Of Modern Vacuum Sealer