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What bags should I choose work with the vacuum sealer ?

 Vacuum sealing is one of the best ways to store your food and keep it fresh. It can helps reduce food waste, save your money, prevents the food from freezer burn and keeps the flavour and moisture of the food.



As we’ve discussed in the past, there are a lot of different vacuum sealers to choose from for your home food storage needs. There are also a wide variety of accessories and additional products that will either work with a single vacuum sealer brand or any brand. We’ve looked at some of these accessories in brief, but now it is time to get to work and learn how to get the most out of your vacuum sealing system. First, we’ll take a look at the food storage bags used with the most common household vacuum sealer, the channel-type sealer. This type of vacuum sealer uses external suction to remove air from your food and then seal airtight.


Choose the Right Size

Your vacuum sealer works by pulling all of the air out of the storage bag, then heat sealing the bag shut. In order to create the seal and not permit the re-entry of air, the entire end of the back must be clamped into the vacuum chamber. For this reason, you cannot use a bag that is wider than your vacuum chamber without making some modifications to the process. You’ll find bag sizes listed by capacity or width. Common sizes are 15x20cm, 20x30cm, 28x40cm and etc...


Choose the Right Type

Vacuum bags are textured or embossed on one or both of the interior surfaces. This texturing creates channels to suction air out of the bag during the sealing process resulting in more oxygen removal and more tightly sealed food. When you place a bag into your channel-type vacuum sealer, such as the Yumyth vacuum Sealer, the sealing channel pinches the bag closed to prevent any additional air from entering the bag. Then, the vacuum system pulls the existing air out of the bag through the tiny channels created by the embossing of the bags inner surface. These channels are essential to the vacuum process. Some manufacturers sell bags that are not channeled or embossed. To use these types of bags in a channel-type vacuum sealer system, a special strip of textured material must be added along the sealing line. It is best to make sure you are selecting textured bags for your vacuum sealing projects and avoid this extra hassle.


Besides the pre-cut bags mentioned above, we also have rolls and you can choose any size which suitable for your vacuum goods.


All of the pre-cut bags and vacuum bag rolls are BPA FREE, it made of food grade PE+PA material, good for vacuum packing and also sous vide cooking.


What bags should I choose work with the vacuum sealer ?