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What is the hidden function of Vacuum Sealer?

What is the hidden function of Vacuum Sealer?


Pandemic outbreak and continues to spread currently,situation becomes grim,it brings a result people start rush to purchase also have to make whole month food plan ahead to decrease outdoor activities times.


Absolutely Vacuum Sealer could store food with longer duration without freshness and flavor changed.High quality air tightness effect prevent rotting from oxidation reaction.

Actually it is known as a special cognitive,subvert function design makes a brand-new display.


Normally the stereotype on packing is by plastic bag to store,however what about the canister storage and other related food jar,is possible we create a vacuum condition for them?

The answer is YES.



l Cover with whole to build vacuuming channel,Yumyth accessory vacuum connecting with  flexible silicone hose,operate automatically by sealer,all you need is just wait for seconds. Operation stop by itself when reach vacuum pressure in -60kpa to -80kpa. Sealing ring on canister cover so you couldn’t open it easily due to the air tightness condition. Release button help you open and enjoy the food in quick. It is efficiently expand ingredient class preservation as liquid,oil and moisture category. Vacuum term build a stable statement of molecule,making it stay inert reaction and no active communication.

Date marker indicator include month and day,more precise to get vacuum duration,transparent cover friendly monitor the effect.



l What else we could do? It’s about a new cooking recipe,pickle food maker! Putting more gas then suck the air continuous couples time,sauce permeate goes in the food to rich food taste. Stronger meat flavor so to be changed into different and complicated level,Pickled flavor comes out and it is worth to taste.Traditional marinating in a few days at least while we finish in minutes yet original flavor kept,the truth is just because we find out the theory.


l Vacuum seal is by heat seal,high temperature melt the bag to bonding when cool down.heating temperature play an important role this moment.Overheating is a considerable indicator after excessive usage as it may damage the machine system.NTC protection prevent from overheating becomes indispensable and necessary. Heat seal in 95 degree while overheating protection will be activated in 115 degree. Flashing as a reminder to pause operation.Vacuum sealer back to work till it cool down and stop flashing.Guarantee your safety on details.


In addition,heat seal by our vacuum sealer to make face mask by ourselves shows successful after testing! Sealing two end sides of cloth and ear belt both workable.


Any further rarely design is in research progress,we would hear any concept put it into practice.