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What Kind Of Drink Should Be Stored Under Vacuuming?

Vacuum pack normally for food,meat and vegetable. Simply pack by vacuum bag,suck the oxygen to space saving.  Seldom people consider liquid food.long time air exposed will result original flavor changed. Tasty turn to sour or peculiar smell. It was because breed the new microorganism under moist condition.

Yogurt is hard to discover it go bad as flavor already in a bit sour. So did beverage of lactobacillus. Drinking for long-term will do a harmful influence to health,affect gastrointestinal digestion. More over it may cause enterogastritis or stomachache disease.

Sauce is the most essential element of dish. Main core of the secret relish. Infusing to meat pore then make a deserved flavor. However, how to deal with the remaining sauce properly is a problem.

Let us become your food kitchen guard! Why not vacuum it? Most query is how to apply to liquid ingredient. Pour them into the vacuum jar with vacuum hole. Connected hose two end between machine accessory vacuum port and vacuum jar hole on top. Activate vacuum operation, vacuum sealer will monitor vacuum pressure,automatically stop when it reach negative 40 KPa. Release button on vacuum canister is easily to get the fresh food any time. In this case, we could enjoy freshness till 5 times longer. Make light or strong taste we need anytime.
What Kind Of Drink Should Be Stored Under Vacuuming?