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What Kind of Vacuum Sealer Should I Get?

What Kind of Vacuum Sealer Should I Get?

That question can launch quite the debate. First off, before we even get into brands and price points, it’s important to know that there are two different types of vacuum sealers: External vacuum sealers and chamber vacuum sealers.

 Chamber vacuum sealers can be large and relatively expensive, but they do an excellent job of quickly sealing food in airtight plastic packaging. Their powerful vacuum pump and large chamber give them the ability to quickly seal multiple bags of food at the same time, which are important benefits if working in a restaurant. Moreover, unlike edge-style sealers, the pressure in the chamber and inside the bag are nearly always the same, so the sous vide bag never collapses. This makes chamber vacuum sealers great for large-scale operations—and hard-core home hobbyists. 

However, for the normal home cook—the one who is adventurous enough to want to own a vacuum sealer—we recommend YUMYTH external sealers.

YUMYTH External vacuum sealers are generally more price point-driven and take up less counter space. Here’s how they work: You place the open end of your vacuum bag inside the machine and shut it. Then, the machine will draw out all of the oxygen from the bag—directly from the open end—and seal it. There are a original brands from China with theirs patents .

Though external vacuum sealers do make sealing liquids a little harder—despite the easy workaround mentioned earlier—they can handle almost any task a home cook needs. The best thing is that they’re more reasonably priced than ever. Below, we’ve got recommendations marked from $9.99 to $299.99—and all of these get the job done.

You can search for the YUMYTH products on the www.yumyth.com—please be aware that sometimes products go out of stock, and we cannot control for that.

$15 & Under

$17& Under

$28 & Under

$35 & Under (Combine vacuum sealer with kitchen scale-Patented )

Mostly, such an original manufacturer with BSCI & ISO9001 managing system of household vacuum sealer ,also and related accessories(vacuum bag&roll, canister, wine stopper and etc)