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Why food vacuum sealer becomes more and more popular

Why food vacuum sealer becomes more and more popular ?


Vacuum sealing is one of the best ways to store your food and comes with heaps of benefits. The variety of different countertop and handheld vacuum food sealers on the market nowadays have greater availability than ever before . 

If you've been eyeing a vacuum sealer, either for sous vide or something else, there are several good reasons to know why it becomes more and more popular.

1. Food Preservation

Vacuum sealing greatly extends the lifespan of many different kinds of food, from cheese to meat to soup. For example, by using traditional methods, meat will typically last about 6 months in the freezer. However, vacuum sealed meat will last 2-3 years in the freezer. Refrigerating vacuum sealed cheese will last up to 4-8 months, as opposed to the 1-2 weeks for cheeses stored using standard methods.

2. Save Money

Preserving food for longer means less food spoilage and therefore less wasted food. Plus, this allows you the option to buy food in bulk at a reduced cost and safely store it for future use.

3. Protection 

Vacuum sealing food adds a layer of protection from external sources. Additionally, this method prevents food from becoming dehydrated and will avoid the risk of freezer burns. 

4. Keep good taste

By sealing your food and removing air, the flavours, texture, and moisture of the food will be retained. Plus, you’ll also get much more taste out of your stored food as vacuum sealing will help to preserve nutritional value in food.

5. Safety

By ensuring that foods are safely preserved, protected, and void of oxygen means that harmful mould and bacteria will be prevented from growing.

6. Save your fridge space

Vacuum sealing allows for greater efficiency and a tidier organisation in your fridge and freezer, and sealed items take up much less space giving you greater freedom.

7. No need for other additives

Unlike many other preservation techniques, the need for nasty chemicals or other additives which may negatively affect your food are not necessary.

8. Marinating

Vacuum sealing is the perfect way to marinate meat and to add extra spices and flavours to food. The packing seals in all the moisture and delicious flavours and directly marinates your meat.

9. Keeping leftovers

Preserving food doesn’t have to be only for fresh food, it’s also great for leftovers. Instead of throwing out leftovers or forcing yourself to eat everything within a day, just vacuum seal and keep it for months.

10. Resealing

A vacuum sealer allows you to reseal open products which were previously sealed. This could be a bag of chips, crackers, a bag of rice, or anything you can think of!