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Will you try Smoky Cocktail Dink?

Will you try Smoky Cocktail Dink?


Smoky Gun is the magic tool that will bring unique visual shock for people.Smoke makes ingredient attached multi-lever flavor,which gives more difference possibility on ingredient.


Cocktail with more than 200 years history,it comes from mixing series of flavors liquor. Combination various smell instead of the oneness.It still being identified by the coloring.Cocktail with strict control on the cold temperature.6-10°is best range for cold drink.Smoky Cocktail take advantage of coldness,ice cube and and crystal on drinks surface can absorb smoke effectively in quick.


Tips for operation


l Smoke duration control

It’s worth noting that smoke on cocktail duration must don’t excess Three second.That’s because smoky is only as an additional and second impact.It will take the original taste away if make that heavier.Strengthen spicy taste as the result.


l Preparation of Smoke Infusion

We light the wood clip and do smoky as generally.On the other hand,wood smog perfect range is under 300°,Oh and phenols compound happens that time and that’s the function exactly.However temperature is exceed 500°while at the beginning of firing.Molecular disappear already.Cooling then infuse may be the better way.


l Light Tool you should take attention

Lighter is easy to get as the consumables.What we pay less notice is the smell of petrol,it brings to the drinks and leads flavor change.Waiting seconds and infuse when the smell away and do infusion.


l Number time of wood clip use

We suggest when full of wood clip to chamber use it for more drinks in once rather than recycle.

Freshness is kept in first material and loss in second.


Cocktail drinks comes from reducing alcohol concentration by adding juice and soda water.More popular in women.Impressive looking always catch people’s eyes easily,but you may know more after tasting.