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Yumyth Guarantee Your Food Freshness During COVID-19

Yumyth Guarantee Your Food Freshness During COVID-19


In 2020,seems everyone have suffered a lot at the beginning.

What is the most affected us is COVID-19 pandemic.Spreading by human to human contact and Droplet in close range. So keep a safety distance between each other is one of the effective method of stopping the transmission.


A. Besides,Home Quarantine is proved to be a forceful measure sine the people inflection from family close contact.Many countries illuminated that people is not suggested to go out unless the place with necessary demand for people as hospital,supermarket and pharmacy. It result in an increasing people have to store food to live through this period.They have no choice but to do.However,moist food as vegetable,meat,fish which need more attention to be store in right method.Vacuum storage is solid choice absolutely.



B. Vacuum packing with anti-oxidation function from stopping most of chemical reaction. Making food in stable statement.Freshness being kept so that the flavor won’t change.

C. In addition,space saving is another benefit of vacuuming.Sucking up the air and max decrease the packing size.


D. How about the waste? No worry! Packed by vacuum channel bag and reach high air tightness effect during vacuum by machine. Regarding the liquid ingredient, froze them in advance then do vacuum progress same as above.Otherwise liquid may damage suction pump.


E. Vacuum Sealer built in bag cutter unseal the food in second,get a deserved size bag in second.


F. Unique seal width in 30 CM.It becomes possible to seal the small bag at the same time.Seal/Vacuum Seal supported. Oil food use selectable seal mode. So buy your favorite stock ingredient whatever you wanted without consideration and taste it in original tasty.



What about the size? Sure we take a notice on it at the beginning.Slim portable dimension less than 0.008 CBM.


G. Touch sensor button control lid open and close,just one touch to finish all.STOP button to pause/activate any operation any time. Hundred cycle time working after following use matters(wait for 40-60 seconds to let machine cool down between 2 program). Non-loss seal rubber with super long life time.




We aim to create a recycle life way no matter whatever and whenever.