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Yumyth Keeps Developing Upgraded Vacuum Sealer

Yumyth Keeps Developing Upgraded Vacuum Sealer

Hello all the guys.Welcome to Yumyth’s channel.Yes today we will come straight to the point,today we are going to bring you another attractive food vacuum machine.

This is VS6621T,the initial one with detachable bag cutter set. Compared with ordinary vacuum machine,the fixed bag cutter is more common in market. This in VS6621T,you can disassemble bag cutter set in apart from machine as they are independent. Cut a bag at will at any place. Lock it back again by one step,fit into the groove. Hanging cutter set on wall space saving.

How to get use?
Pull up the cutter set,then turn other side let cutter located topping,let bag through till obtain desired size,slide one end to another, you have a new size bag now.

Sensor operate button rather than manually press,light touch,more intelligent.
Dry/Moist vacuum seal mode is widely for various of ingredient as nut,steak which in different moisture content. So what is the differ between these two setting? Under moist vacuum,vacuum sealer will control longer heat sealing time guarantee completely sealing bar which attached liquid on surface. Seal only is support. Make sealing without vacuum process that is friendly for soft food protect their shape prevent deformed.

Back to interior,the sealing gasket is used with EPDM instead of ordinary EVA cause after long time from absorbing liquid it will get broken due to aging issue. Non loss silicone seal bar no need replacement.

Heating protection as a critical indicator.Yumyth insist human touch safe DC12V output heater.Create a safer heat seal condition.

We are ready to send sample is any request.Are you ready?