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Yumyth Latest Arrival



There are many types of vacuum sealer in market. Design and function,operation differ meets diverse customer group. This time is for our newest arrival VS2201 household fresh up vacuum sealer product launch! Will you pick it up?



a. Canceled open lid and control panel integration design(upper section).

VS2201 button panel located in vacuum chamber separately(middle section). Subvert monitor system identified if lid open or closed. Seal only,vacuum seal/Pulse could be activated only when the top cover is closed. Upper and middle close can Seal and vacuum seal will happen. That much help for avoid misoperation. Accessory vacuum could start when cover is opened,connect the vacuum port inside with vacuum silicone hose,another end is for food canister hole or wine bottle stopper.



b. Transparent monitor window make sure bags opening placed in vacuum chamber groove and no cover the vacuum nozzle to smooth vacuum function. Considering the green hand user which is easily to understand. Improved one VS2202 in stainless steel surface will inspire you!



c. Independent heating wire in stainless steel frame in more heat resistant capacity, allow continuous heat sealing in 30 second no need for pause between each program. More time saving. Suspending circuit  board prevent damage from juicy food vacuuming.


More to come for you! Making vacuum easier and and easier is our mission.

 Yumyth Latest Arrival