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Yumyth Light Meal Recipe Channel Here!

Coming up with health,well-balanced dinner for your family will makes you feeling successful and relaxed after the whole day tried work. However it will take too much time to finish various dishes. So why don’t try salad? Light meal being take in people cooking menu. Low calorie and energy vegetable fruit can provide you same enough energy requirement.Healthy meal doesn’t have to boring.Lean portain normally gain from meat,milk. Don’t forget egg with rich same element as well. Two eggs per day can support one day energy consumption.

Ingredient suit for light meal:

  • Purple sweet potato: Anthocyanin element is reported as a ranking one of Anti-cancer disease. It’s rich starch and sugar widely being treated as breakfast when you are on diet.
  • Lettuce: dietary fiber is efficiently lower cholesterol lever,It has the effect of removing excess fat.
  • Pumpkin:Protect gastric mucosa, help digestion, strengthen liver, gastric cell regeneration.
  • Black rice:Improve iron deficiency anemia Lowers blood pressure, keeps cancer cells from growing.Improve eye-sights.

Guava: People in old age take this as their regular-eat food is a wise choice.Hypotensive effects

Chicken breast:The protein content is high, and easy to be absorbed by the human body, every 100g of chicken breast, protein content is 19.4g.② Suitable for fat reduction.Chicken breast is low in calories and has the lowest fat content of the chicken, at just 133 calories and 5 grams of fat per 100g.③ Can also enhance satiety, the most important is cheap, cost-effective.

Sole fish:The unsaturated fatty acids in sole fish fat can also effectively enhance the human body, improve memory.

Beans:Usually beans have about twice the protein of whole grain grains.When eaten together with vitamin C-rich foods, the high iron content of beans makes them an effective food to replenish iron reserves, especially for women of childbearing age, who are at greater risk of developing iron deficiency anemia.Beans are also a good source of vitamins.

Mixing the rice and veggies with flavoured salad sauce,it could work up an appetite magically.Put down your beet and pick up veggies!You will not feeling regret.

Yumyth Light Meal Recipe Channel Here!