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Hi everyone!Thanks for joining our YUMYTH zone and visit.We keep do research on food proper storage to extend longer freshness time.Get Everyone enjoy recycle and healthier kitchen life. Do something about world food wastage.

The critical step is vacuum packing. It is easy to find many cooked meat,marinate pickle food,milk saft-und Milchkartons all are required vacuum packed.It was because the moisture humidity in exposed is high,room temperature provide a suit environment that speed up food chemical reaction,new germ result food spoilage.


Practical seal only,vacuum seal,2 in external vacuum nozzle for liquid sauce,soup and semifluid ingredient.Slim one hand hold size fit your cabinet.30MM seal width meet most of vacuum bag opening size.Built in bag cutter get deserved packed bag size,no more extra wastage. Get fresh ingredient in one second.


Large decorated 304 stainless steel control panel friendly for cleaning.color branding customize is supported.Added PULSE vacuum create flexible physical vacuum degree. Not only controlled by VAC SEAL finish vacuum packing,long press PULSE to continue vacuuming,loose it then vacuum process have to be stopped after the airtight effect meet your expectation. Press SEAL to completed sealed opening.



What’s the groove in meaning for?It is roll storage convenient for bag roll fitting! Cylinder shape,30cm x 6mm(L x radius) which normal match 28*600cm roll. Magnetic lock see through window for bag roll placing. Take out the bag in requested size,cover the lid,one hand slip the bag cutter sure flat smooth bag opening prepare for vacuum,saw-toothed textured on the edge of cover helps increase the supporting force during cutting.



Why it looks in saperated design?Don’t worry,that’s one of the flexibility of this model. This time we make it detachable. All the electronic part would be in located on upper lid, that means lower chamber lid allow direct clean.Instant vacuum sealer program supported by quick heat dissipation stainless steel bracket. The hard independent heater frame prevent from overheating plastic deformed.


Smoker Infuser-VG1100M

The gun shape smooth the smoke infuse,avoid oil blocking after long time use.pure and strong smoke comes out fast by speed control metal fan rotational frequency. Gentle/Normal/Fast options suit for most of cooked food. How can I get the wood chip?Free Apple flavor wood is included with smoker. It is enough meet 3-4 times smoking cycle. Rechargeable type store 1000mAh capacity,having a natural picnic on Family day,team activities.
Cocktail bubble drinks done here!Smoke bubble nozzle fit smoking hose,warp smoke in ball shape,put it on cocktail.Mixing before drinking would impress and rich the flavor.
What’s the another hose use for?Could you image smoker infuser compatible with vacuum sealer?Yes we did it.The top vacuum port is for preserved the rest leftover.Automatic stop when vacuum degree reached in -60KPa.

Yumyth is always here to hear and learn your concept,aim to improve people kitchen life step by step.

YUMYTH Show Room