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2020 Hot-selling and the Most Competitive Vacuum Sealer


Good to see you again. Last time we have introduced you one of the most popular products in 2020 - the auto vacuum containers set.


Today, we are going to introduce you another hot model. It’s the newest vacuum sealer with roll holder VS6602.


Let’s check the advantages of VS6602 vacuum sealer as below:

1, High level suction pump -60kpa or -80kpa(optional)

2, Vacuum roll holder with max size 28*500cm

3, Dry/Moist food mode, suitable for all the foods.

4, Seal only, VAC seal, Stop/Pulse functions

5, Marinating function, vacuum package items in canister/bottle

6, Covered by AIG Product Liability Insurance - Do the best for your safety

7, Compact design and with stable four - foot non - slip design

Moreover, you can easily change the color of the surface sticker to make some differences.

Furthermore, the vacuum sealer can not only make the surface as stainless steel, but also can be customized any colors you like by changing the stainless surface into PC surface. All black is so cool and wait for your great ideas.


Next time, i will show you our other hot models in the fair. Stay tuned!

 2020 Hot-selling and the Most Competitive Vacuum Sealer