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Quick Marination with a Vacuum Sealer

No matter what ingredients you're preparing to apply to your dishes, marinating is an essential process for crafting the tastiest meal possible. However, marinating usually takes much time and it is not an easy task for green hands.

In this situation, have you ever thought about marinating food just by a vacuum sealer? Of course, sealable plastic bags can be used to hold your food and desired dressing, but using a vacuum sealer is one of the most effective ways to ensure that your meat or vegetables are sufficiently coated and soaked before cooking.

Here are some tips for you to marinate food with a vacuum sealer.
Before you can start the marinating process, you've got to pick your favorite sauce to soak your food in. If you're a fan of making your own marinade from scratch, pick a sauce that will bring out the flavors of the food at hand. 

Vacuum Sealer Digest explained that keeping the liquid away from the lip of your bag is essential for ensuring that the sealing process works. After clearing the open edge of your bag - leaving at least 1 inch of space between the marinade and the seal - use your vacuum sealer to close the empty space. 
Press the marinating button to activate the function and the food would absorb the sauce under the pressure of vacuum suction

After your bag is completely closed, place it in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes. The longer you leave it in the fridge, the longer the meat or vegetables will be able to soak in the marinade. If you're trying to get the process done quickly, the food can be removed after a half-hour. For more tender meat, keep it stored for one to two hours.

Quick Marination with a Vacuum Sealer