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Attention and Avoidance is needed for Food Storage

What you need to know about vacuum preservation? When you buy a vacuum machine you may think, can a vacuum sealer preserve everything? In other words, do you have a list of foods that the vacuum machine can seal as a reference? This article will educate you about what should be noticed and avoided and explain why these foods are not suitable for sealing. After understanding these knowledge, you will have a better grasp of the method of vacuum food, and will not waste food because of wrong operation, using the vacuum sealer to the best effect.

The first easy-to-overlook food: soft cheese. Especially watch out for things like soft cheese storage. Although hard cheese can be perfectly preserved, soft cheese does not oxidize at the same rate as hard cheese. Soft cheese is more likely to oxidize in a vacuum than in ordinary air, resulting in mold. So it's a minefield to avoid.

The second category is raw bananas and mushrooms. We know that both of these foods mature naturally. Even if you put them in a vacuum, they will only decay more easily than in ordinary air, which is a goal that the vacuum machine of the whole market is trying to solve.

The third, also related to its own nature: the whole apple. Apples themselves release ethylene, an element that ripens both the food around them and themselves. If you do need to seal the apple, our advice is to slice the apple and pour a little lemon juice on the top to stop the apple from browning on the outside, so that's something to watch out for.

Fourth, raw onion/ garlic/ cabbage/ lettuce. Some vegetables, such as cabbage, naturally release gas that disrupts the vacuum in the room. If your vegetables are kept in a bag for a while, your bag will swell because it's filled with vegetable gas. It's a natural phenomenon and won't harm the food, but it's best to eat it when it's fresh.

Fifth, freshly cooked or steamed vegetables will have a lot of steam, which will lead to the loss of vacuum, so make sure the food has been cold before sealing, and then vacuum seal it.

After understanding these knowledge that can not be vacuum and need to pay attention to, you must have a deeper understanding of the vacuum machine. Only after understanding the use method can you make better use of the function of the vacuum machine and realize how to preserve food preservation for a longer time.

Attention and Avoidance is needed for Food Storage