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Can We Use Standard Food Jar Get Vacuuming With Vacuum Sealer?


Food container is one of the most ordinary storage tank in our life.Catalog is in various of kind as glass,plastic,pet and other more options.But in common they only for seal only function.The existing oxidation do not being sucked completely.It provide the advantage environment for respiratory action of food,moisture is the key point of rotting.Microbe live in the suitable temperature and take times to breed.It already went bad even that’s invisible. 

Only to do is throw it when they go mouldy.



How to solve it? Make it clear the reason cause the spoil that’s important. Weak airtight shorten the fresh extension time. Darker surface means the oxidation reaction last for a while.Nutritional ingredient lost even being exchanged into harmful content.


Vacuum packing comes to solve this issue!But if the generally food jar could create the vacuum condition?How to make it come true?That’s our point of subvert design.

The hole on top cover with release food grade silicone button.Match use with Yumyth vacuum connect hose to proceed vacuuming. Hole size made in 25-28mm,which meet the demand of most of vacuum machine.Flexible silicone guarantee perfect consequence.Ingenious cover Groove allow full set container pack together yet won’t creep down.



AS plastic box transparent body to monitor the foodstuff freshness anytime.Super Volume combine 1L/1.5L/2L,directly contact with even for acidic type.No worry need sorting treatment!


If you love cooking,love recycle live way.Now you are the one part of our team! 

Can We Use Standard Food Jar Get Vacuuming With Vacuum Sealer?