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Comparison mechanical vacuum sealer with Yumyth fully automatic vacuum sealer

There are various types of vacuum sealing machines, which are hand-pressed, vertical, single-chamber, and double-chamber. They are suitable for various foods, meat products, seafood, fruits and vegetables, pickles, and cooled meat. Medical products, hardware components, medical devices, etc. The series products include household vacuum sealing machine and external vacuum sealing machine.

Today we will discuss the difference between some mechanical press type vacuum sealer and Yumyth fully automatic vacuum sealer.


The mechanical press type vacuum machine is a conventional manual press type operation machine, and its advantage is that the cost is lower. Some machines have some drawbacks when they are used after feedback from the market .


1. Due to the troublesome operation process, sometimes the consumer may not use the machine because the cover is not pressed appropriate.

2. The consumer will also be unable to run the machine because of improper bag placement.

3. The machine cannot be used continuously and will cause damage to the machine due to overheating.

4. For parts of advanced age housewives, the complexity of this press-type vacuum machine makes the customer experience bad.

Some of the advantages of an automatic vacuum machine are as follows:

1. One-button operation, without pressing, all the processes can be completed with one button

2. Made a bag baffle device to prevent you from putting the bag over the suction port and causing the vacuum machine to run badly.

3. The NTC temperature protection sensor is installed, and the machine can be recycled without worrying about the machine failure due to overheating.

4. Because of the convenient operation and simple steps, no matter if you are a young or old user, you can easily use it as soon as you get the machine.

Here is a comparison table that clearly understands the difference for easy check :