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Did You Use Vacuum Sealer Properly?

Did You Use Vacuum Sealer Properly?

Vacuum preservation become more necessary in kitchen cook and meal prepare.
However you need to read the user manual carefully to avoid the vacuum sealer problem then obtain a longer using lifetime.  As the manufacture in food vacuum sealer machine.Yumyth could share you some way on operation attention during vacuum and seal the food.

When It have vacuum process but no sealing.
Vacuum pressure identify system is broken. Most of vacuum machine with vacuum pressure monitor system so the machine can activate sealing automatically once reach specific vacuum degree. In this situation the Vacuum pressure identify system may go wrong and can not create sealing successfully.

Lock the vacuum cover firmly.
Make sure your lock the vacuum lid firmly till hear click sound. Only under sealed condition then food package can be in air tightness.

Correct bag opening placement.
Some people use bigger bag may in 2-3 times size larger to store the food. A part Vacuum suction have to be consumed on the extra bag material.Believe the smaller gets the better vacuum sealed.

Check and ensure your bag is completely good.
After you check the machine all is functioning well. Take the bag and have a look. Double confirm there is no hole on surface. Even very small hold will hinder machine from creating vacuum environment inside the bag.

Do not overfill the bag.
When putting food in seal bag,please remember leave at least one inch space for smoothly vacuum. This act can efficiently helps to prevent from food particles blocking the sealing. It is because there is a distance between sealing wire and vacuum chamber.You can also try to use a larger bag to pack the ingredient.

Frozen the liquid item before vacuum.
Vacuum storage must have air suction removal. It is not very friendly for liquid item. So Yumyth accessory vacuum mode is for jar/wine/valve bag vacuum. Match use with vacuum hose connect vacuum container and vacuum nozzle from vacuum machine.The vacuum process with be stop automatic when reach vacuum pressure in -60KPa/-80KPa(depends on models). Another advice is frozen the juicy food before vacuum avoid liquid damage the suction pump.
There are still many tips on food vacuum sealer from Yumyth.We will keep improve the product in more intelligent design. To get more open start a fresh cook life we are always standby!