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Do You Know What A Vacuum Sealer Does?

Vacuum bags are the most commonly used with vacuum sealer, followed by vacuum canisters and wine stoppers. In this article we will discuss the role of the household vacuum machine. 


I. Prevent Food from Oxidation:

First, the most obvious function of the vacuum machine is to remove oxygen and prevent food spoilage. Food stored at room temperature for a long time will decay, this is because microorganisms (such as mold and other bacteria) live in the presence of oxygen and continue to activities so that the food will slowly deteriorate. And vacuum packaging is to let microbes and food isolation, prevent the reproduction of microorganisms, affect the taste of meat. 


II. The Oxidation of the Food Itself:

Second, it has to be said that the food itself will undergo oxidation reaction when it encounters oxygen. Most of the fats and fats contain unsaturated fatty acids, which will produce oxidation reaction when it encounters oxygen, thus making the food taste bad and damaging vitamins.


III. Keep Food Fresh:

Third, it can resist pressure, prevent gas and keep fresh. As we have seen in the supermarket vacuum sealed meat or other vacuum packed things, they have a certain pressure resistance. When food is vacuumed, the pressure inside the container is higher than that outside the container. This prevents the food from deforming under pressure and affecting its appearance. After the food is vacuumed, it will also be flushed into other gases such as carbon dioxide, which can inhibit the activity of microorganisms such as mold, so as to maintain the freshness and beauty of food and fruit. This is why the color of fresh-preserved food remains bright and attractive. 


IV. Saving the Limited Storage Space:

Four, it can increase the availability of storage space. Maximize storage space by using extra space in the container to store more food. It's not that your fridge is too small, it's that you didn't choose the right one!


V. A good assistant for vacuuming food outdoors:

Four, can be used for outdoor activities of fresh food preservation. Outdoor meals such as BBQs and picnics, where the sensuality of the food is one of the most important factors affecting mood. Fresh ingredients only need to be preserved in the simplest and most effective way. 


If you don't know these functions, learn them!

Do You Know What A Vacuum Sealer Does?