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Enjoy Your Trip On A Beautiful Day With Vacuum Sealer


Hey! What you are waiting for! Take an outdoor trip with your friends on a sunny day.

Especially now is the summer/winter vacation, it is the best time to warm up with family/lovers/friends. If you don't want to go too far, picnic in the park is also a good choice.

And don't forget the food! Picnic with favorite snacks will increase your sense of pleasure.
You maybe worry about how to take food out? A vacuum sealer is a helpful tool for food freshness storage.

  1. Meet Indoor And Outside Packing Needs:
Yumyth has two kinds of vacuum sealers, household use or both household and outdoor use.
VS2202, AC 100-120 V / 220-240 V. Pack food at home in advance, and then just need to open it when you are hungry.

VS6613, DC7.4 V. Its USB rechargeable with 2000 mAh lithium battery. So whether it's for home use or outdoor use, it's not a problem!

Especially when you hunt a fresh game and catch fish, or any else you catch from natural, just lock the best food freshness with a vacuum sealer right now. Food texture will be still retained in optimal status after you coming back home.

  1. Higher Efficiency with Powerful Suction Pump:
Combined with bag features of waterproof and leakage resistance, vacuum sealer seals food bag tightly, getting rid of food freezer burn, losing nutrition or food spoilage.
  1. Variety of Food Types Are Supported:
Dry Food: chips, nuts, crackers, dried spaghetti, breads, etc
Moist Food: Beef, pork, seafood, ham sausage, vegetables, fruits and so on

So, what kind of food do you want to take out?
Be confident, take all of them you like!

  1. Flavorful Wine Could Not Been Ignored:
The beauty of nature, with the freshest ingredients, a sip of wine, the pleasure is beyond description!

In front of the dreamy nature scenery, a table of delicious food, two glasses of wine, three meals a day, a family of four, this is the happiest moment of life! Take your vacuum sealer out and make  a plan for a wonderful trip!

Enjoy Your Trip On A Beautiful Day With Vacuum Sealer