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Food Storage Manager,Choose A Stylish Diet

Food Storage Manager,Choose A Stylish Diet


 Are you still discard the leftover food?

People can not clearly notice the food quantity demand,so excessive food always be left on table.


Thats why we coming out!


YUMYTH innovative full set Borosilicate Glass Vacuum Container


Creatively glass body food grade material,hard but also slight feature.Guarantee your health.Besides,glass won’t release hazardous substance along with times.

Eco-friendly PP cover,high temperate resistance,cooking and saving at the same time.

Afraid air leakage issue?We are not allow!

Sealing gasket edge with high lifetime.No more charge to replace.


Easily to operate,screw the lid tightly,then keep pressing the white pump until feel tight,release the air by press Release button.


After the picnic,vacuum on site!




Scientist do testing and found that vacuum status can enlarge the ingredient molecule,which means pickle food can be done in minutes instead of days.


Let me show you the strong volume.Storage kinds of food.Extend food’s life.


Fresh style,fresh life