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Have You Considered Your Vacuum Bag?

As a consuming product,vacuum bag is an essential package in our daily life specially in kitchen cook. Based level PET mylar smooth bag. Of cause it can helps to distinguish different ingredient storage but due to thin thickness it will get broke easily or punch with hole when pack sharp item such as sea food. In this case,other packed food all in one small refrigerator,it will happened flavor odor,freezer burnt and food spoilage problem.

Another needs to take it in your consideration is material element. Chemical gluing technology is not recommended since the heavy metal residual will impact your health physiologically. Intake into body may cause chronic disease. Heavy metal smell might be absorbed by food.

You need BPA FREE vacuum bag to avoid these storage phenomenon.Now Yumyth 7 layers valve zipper lock bag would be a unmissable choice. Compressed multi layers in PA PE material during under semi-liquid status which it can improved integrated co-extrusion,obtain the best punch resistance from traditional glue.

Embossed spot vacuum channel play an important role from vacuuming, it build an airflow that helps suction process working smoothly. Therefore bag side against food to reach air tightness.

Double seal zipper prevent from air leakage even liquid.

2 in 1 use with handy pump and vacuum sealer.
Handy pump suck the air by manual pull and push in rotated cycle till in deserved vacuum effect.
When use with vacuum sealer,take out the vacuum hose, connect the big end with valve port,small end insert to vacuum nozzle,press VAC button to activate vacuum program.Automatic stop when reach -40Kpa degree.

 Let us start a easy recycle life from Yumyth!

Have You Considered Your Vacuum Bag?