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Have You Ever Met Automatic Motor Vacuum Container?

Have You Ever Met Automatic Motor Vacuum Container?


1.Food storage is general and common things in our life,freezing the food to stabilized the ingredient molecule,creating a quite static condition.However the the refrigerator always full of kinds of food material,like moisture and the dry goods being placed in the same room. The typical smell will be cross contact,it comes the result that the original flavor changed.


2.It is mentioned that the common storage space,what we could is to divide into the individual storage space. By vacuum container.Full set with 3 different sizes(1L/1.5L/2L),small to large selectable size available for most of food element.Thicker food grade AS plastic body more durable. Round shape wide-bore design, no hidden corner when cleaning.



3.Ordinary container with normally made by polypropylene,even is widely use and gradually replace the metal package as the transparent appearance to monitor the state directly. However the potential chemical disadvantage is revealed,getting fragile ,extra odor chemical was released when boil cooking.That’s why we do not recommend the recycle usage from high temperature cook.


4.Yumyth subvert food grade AS material break the tradition,preservation with 5 times longer yet same quality freshness. What’s more,universal jar lack of sealing ring to achieve vacuum storage,We Yumyth additional with flexible non-loss silicone sealing seamless connection of lid and body.Perfectly match the opening to anti-oxidation reaction of your food.


5.Tightly touch between lid and body when in vacuum pressure, releasing press button is take effect this moment,slightly pressing to release the pressure,open it easily after then.

6.How to get the vacuum effect?We research work with Automatic Vacuum Motor,USB cable rechargeable achieve power saving, allow you make food plan ahead but also no waste.Power capacity max in 750Amh meet several times usage duration.


7.Patented removable vacuum nozzle for accessory bag vacuum,nozzle size match air valve port size. One vacuum container gets more. Various of size per set let you fill solid and soft food.



Divide vacuum storage is the core of original flavor keeping.

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