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How to buy a household vacuum sealer?

How to buy a household vacuum sealer? That is, according to their needs and preferences to choose the right machine, but what factors should we need to consider ?

  1. Calculate the required work efficiency: It takes 9 minutes for the vacuum machine of Yumyth to seal dry food and 11 minutes for the seal of moist items, which is the result achieved by engineers after hard debugging. The basic, medium and high products may be slightly different (the time may also be due to different types of food). 
  1. Working pressure: the pressure of some vacuum machines, such as the basic products of Yumyth, is -60kPa, while the pressure of other vacuum machines, such as the high-end products of Yumyth, can be up to -80kPa. So what's the difference? The size of the pressure will affect the sealing effect of the bag. The general food such as rice, noodles, bread, biscuits and so on only needs -60kPa to achieve a good vacuum sealing effect. But some food such as moist food under the pressure of -80kPa, even if there is a small amount of water in the vacuum bag, can also achieve the ideal effect.

  1. Food packaging size, vacuum bag size: Generally speaking, the maximum sealing length of household vacuum machine on the market is 28cm, or 30cm. This is a more common and less wasteful size. 
  1. Practical performance versus price comparison: the cost of the machine varies according to its function. But there are also some good quality, cost-effective products. Take Yumyth's base model, VS6611, for example. The 6611 features: vacuum seal, separate seal, food selection function, stop function, and a function to seal cans and wine bottles. Another style of Yumyth, which we call high-end VS6680M, has more functions than 6611, such as Gentle Speed & Normal Speed option, high-end kitchen scale function (large LED, and operation instructions), and automatic vacuum machine, which can be opened and closed automatically by touching metal bar. There's a lot more you can do. 
  1. After-sales problem, which is also a relatively important problem. To buy kitchen appliances, you need to meet a responsible supplier, so that you can get a better after-sales service after you encounter problems. Yumyth's after-sales warranty period is one year. In one year, unless there is man-made damage, Yumyth will decide whether to repair or replace the machine according to the problem of the machine.

There are many factors to consider when buying a vacuum sealer. These several factors may give you some reference when choosing a vacuum machine.
How to buy a household vacuum sealer?