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How to keep food fresh in simplest way?

How to keep food fresh in simplest way?


Daily meal means daily leftover. People’s universal storage method is pack it by plastic wrap then place to refrigerator. Actually the moisture can not be locked though single layer bag.Under the low temperature will expedite drying as well.



That results meat or vegetable get darken and no more freshness.



Even buying the preservative bag. If food be surrounding by oxygen before seal,means it being built a channel for microbe multiply.Finally food might get rotting.


Yumyth always aim at innovate your kitchen,try to be kitchen trouble shooting.

Finally we launch the Newest but also affordable Model VS6602 latest generation Vacuum Food Sealer.


1. Unique VACUUM roll storage is available,you may no need to find out the vacuum bag each time.

Save your kitchen space.



2. Touch sensor system easy to operate.


3. Vacuum pressure between -60-80KPa base on your choice.



You may consider how to store different ingredient.

Model VS6602 can help you to define.Gentle and Normal mode suitable for most of food.


What can you get?

Surely we can provide you our environmental tech BPA FREE and multiple layers co-extrusion Vacuum Bag one set for free if you order on machine.

Product high quality you can realize after use.



We will guarantee progress sealing though improving our structure continually.