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How To Maximize Lock The Food Nutrition?

Why not vacuum pack?

Blocking the air is the key point of food storage,avoid the chemical reaction is the critical element maintain food in a stable condition


l Model VS6602

2 in 1 Packing & Storage Food Vacuum Sealer


Roll Storage

Roll holder maximize fit bag in 28*600 cm

Pulse/Stop Function

Long press to manual control vacuum pressure,loose to stop vacuuming

Bag Cutter

Sharp insert bag cutter get deservied size bag anytime



l VS6680-Automatically Control

Hands Free Design


Choose one button

 'VAC SEAL' to finish the whole process

(close lid-vacuum-seal-open lid)

Bags stopper make sure bag opening in a suitable position

Accessory vacuum for food canister and liquid bottle




New fresh diet life.Everyone could get!

How To Maximize Lock The Food Nutrition?