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How to Select The Applicable Vacuum Package?

How to Select The Applicable Vacuum Package?

Most of plastic bag is made by single layer material.Sharp item such as sea food will impale it easily then exposed to air,mildew happens from now on.



Chemical solvent seems unavoidable by glue method,which can volatilize with temperature changed. Combine with food then access our body.It might not big deal for once or twice.

But it does matter by over time.


Vacuum bag is ordinary item that we still need keep an eye on.Yumyth subvert multiple layers compressed to achieve safer from the root.

Thicker PA+PE element extend usage time and save your money.After cleaning it can be the new one!

We already test in refrigerator and in boil by our QC team.No harmful component freezen burn found and can be kept using.



Embossed pattern is the special one as well,use with our vacuum sealer can extract the air in shortest time.(10-20 second)Compared with usual glossy bag.


Wonder what size do we produce?

Normal size is 20*200/300/500/600/1500;25*500;28*300/500/600 and etc.

Customized dimension is acceptable for our client.Cut in a deserved size you want whenever.


Transparent single side better monitor the ingredient condition.



Away from the hazardous substance from this moment and health care begins.


Try one and we will surprise you!