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How To Use Vacuum Sealer Properly?

Food storage becomes our one the worst issue in modern life. Vacuum packing is the most directly way extend nutrition and moisture of cooking ingredient. More and more food mode as dry/Moist setting control sealing time from fruit & vegetable. Vacuum pressure selection with Normal/Gentle options,treat delicate food through smoothly suction.

But don’t forget to protect the vacuum machine! Better review the operation step and caution term will efficiently avoid the faulty so that extend machine using lifetime.


Everything has it’s cause. Reach out the answer from the problem is the key step. Here is the typical question conclusion with accordingly analysis.


1. Vacuum suction faulty

Vacuum function can’t be activated while ‘vacuum seal’ light is turn on. It indicated the the control panel circuit board is working normally,the possibility is due to damage on vacuum pump. Liquid infuse destroy motor during juicy food packing. The recommended usage is freeze the moist meat or similar item since over 90 percent vacuum sealing by heating wire. Liquid will make sealing progress fail cause the low temperature on heater(less than 120 degree). Then could not make perfect effect.


2. Overheating

Inversely poor vacuum from low temperature,overheating happens at the same time. Our overheating protector(NTC system) located the back side of ABS cover.(At the center of heater wire. Once the whole machine reach 85 degree,all function will be stopped automatically with light flash. Back to normal work again if under permitted temperature(85 degree).



Control vacuum seal cycle frequency. Heat dissipation takes time. It won’t as a matter if leave it rest for 45-60 second during each period. Don’t continuouslly sealing from filling the food in advance.

3. Overfilling

Some people store food in an excess of volume. The packed food even near bag opening. It’s difficult to create a vacuum channel in this case. Leave at least Three inch from ingredient to bag opening,which result in bag opening can’t be placed in vacuum chamber groove. Meanwhile it is hard to create a airtight opening even after locking the upper cover.



Leave at least 3 inched distance between food & bag opening when filling. Only in this way so the vacuum system can monitor and control the negative pressure,automatically stop when pressure in -60KPa/-80KPa.

 How To Use Vacuum Sealer Properly?