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How to vacuum seal the avocado ?

When you've come across a great sale and stocked up on avocados, only to realize that you can't eat them in time. 

What do you do? 

Preserve them! Vacuum sealing is one of the best way to preserve your avocado.


Either put the pit-containing side in the vacuum bag or quickly prep the avocado by mashing it and then vacuum sealing it. Some reports argue it can stay fresh for up to a week this way.



1.Cut the avocado in half.

2.Discard the pit

3.Slice the avocado pieces in thirds in both directions

4.Use a spoon to scoop onto a tray

5.Sprinkle liberally with juice

6.Flash freeze in your freezer

7.Put into the vacuum bag and suction out as much air as possible


You can also vacuum seal the avocado as below :

1.Cut the avocado in half.

2.Discard the pit.

3.Sprinkle with juice.

4.Place in a vacuum seal bag. (no need freezing)

5.Vacuum seal and label.

You'll see this vacuum sealing process was with avocados not in their skin. They did get squished in the process, but that's okay, we can use the “PULSE” function to control the vacuum pressure by ourselves to prevent the avocado from over vacuuming/squished.


How to vacuum seal the avocado ?