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Lock The Bag, Lock The Nutrition

Lock The Bag, Lock The Nutrition
Leftover on our dinning desk in our daily life,A third of the amount food among the world being wasted,13 trillion tons of the whole volume.Around 840 million people under starvation situation from 7.7 billion world population,which also stands for a serious problem,one person is go hungry from each 9 person! Everyone have duty on reducing waste, increasing reuse rate of leftover to relieve currently food shortage issue.


  • How To Do?
Did you heard vacuum pack? Airtight storage remove oxygen quickly to maintain food in a stable statement. That’s because all ingredient need air as a connection channel to create a chemical reaction,new bacteria growing up times to times. Mould in a large quantity when they are visible.
Zipper lock bag from Yumyth produced with PA Nylon+PE,PA is for air isolation and PE plays a bonding role. Before layers is shape up we will make co-extrusion to guarantee the superior compress effect.Compared with the chemical glue in traditional method,co-extrusion bags with a strong tear and puncture resistant even during longtime heating cooking.

More over,recycle use is the highlight. Apply for times use for fruit and vegetable type, clean it well with water and dry it accordingly before reuse, save you $2700 dollar per year from solving your waste. That will going to save 10 million lives from poor region. How proud of us if all we give a helping hand. Come on, vacuum packing is being a stylish life style to enjoy a freshness in home.
  • How To Use?
Yumyth zipper bag with vacuum hole to air suction,Circle dimension in 28 mm which is widely use with most of vacuum hose in market.
Note marker for vacuum date reminder,show the sealed duration clearly.

Match use with electronic vacuum pump. Efficiently time saving.

Patented usage.Yumyth detachable vacuum nozzle designed for zipper bag vacuuming. How vacuum suction from? Power saving vacuum motor is here! 750mAh capacity when full charged by USB rechargeable. 3 in 1 air removal usage all in one comment--Fresh up your food,your kitchen and your life.

  • How To Get?
Select vacuum bag of catalog class on our site or leave us your message to our official email. The quick contact you will get as long as we notice your requirement.

Vacuum preservation done at home is our working motivation, you deserved better & fresher life-style!