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1, Common use: Vacuum bag & vacuum roll

Use the custom-length bags for storing anything from cuts of meat, fish, and make-ahead meals in the freezer to leftovers or fresh produce in the fridge to homemade cookies, crackers, and other snacks in the pantry.


Not only save fresh meat, fruit, nut, snacks and others, it also can be used for wrapping letters, magazines, valuables, linens etc


2, Food grade vacuum wine silicone stopper

Great for Wines, Oils, and Vinegars

With bottle stoppers, you can keep the libations flowing without having to worry about partially opened bottles going to waste at the end of the night. Designed to fit most standard bottles, the bottle stoppers replace corks for a tight seal, with the added benefit of creating an airtight vacuum seal when used with a Yumyth vacuum sealing system.


3, Storage good helper: Vacuum Storage Containers

The VACUUM STORAGE CONTAINER is used to prevent moisture, oxygen and COfrom destroying the fresh food or dry food. Keep food fresh 3-8 times longer in vacuum-like environment compared with other container.

With our containers - Fruit can be preserved while children can't eat all at once. Nuts will not be soft after opening. Dogs and cats will love the original flavor pet food instead of deteriorating taste in air.