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The Gospel for Wine Lovers From Yumyth

Wine lovers will regret knowing about the smoke machine too late. Everything about wine, how can you miss it? As the name suggests, a machine for fumigating food. In a comfortable day, add a pinch of aspen at will, poplar aroma burns slowly as wood is broken, every drink lets a person be intoxicated.


Wine preserved for many years, fresh and pre-meal food, lively cocktail, vegetarian dishes and other delicacies after smoking, the food has another special flavor!


Can we add a function to let you move? Your family's favorite feature is its ability to vacuum seal food!

1. Special combination of smoke and vacuum function, kitchen master do not need to worry about food waste!

2. One-key control, short press three speed conversion at will, long press start vacuum.

3. Do you want to be romantic when you drink?Bubble balls give you a fantastic feeling


4. Cherry, poplar, hickory, pear four aromatic wood fragments stimulate the taste buds.

5. After filling the air valve bag with food, just press the vacuum machine for a long time, and a perfect vacuum food has been completed. Remember to write down the calories and date!



6. Convenient smoke machine, efficient battery life after USB charging 1000 mAh.

7. More important thing is: Vacuum saves unfinished wines, which means smoke gun solves another problem for wine lovers


If you're thinking about your troubles, friend, all you need is a glass of smoked red wine. Eating smoked food is a great enjoyment, not only for the tongue and the mouth, but for the spirit and soul. The enjoyment of flying and dancing!

The Gospel for Wine Lovers from Yumyth