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The Hottest Selling Food Smokers in Amazon

Create your own smoky cocktails at home with one of our handy devices.

Smoking a cocktail was once a trick limited to fancy bars with mixologists who like to put on a show. You can still find smoked cocktails in these establishments, but nowadays it’s also something you can do at home.

Cocktail smokers can be easy and affordable or complicated and expensive, but the basic idea behind them is simple. You put some kind of combustible wood chip the burn chamber, light it, and allow the smoke to infuse your drink, usually after putting it into a box or underneath a glass lid or dome.

You can smoke a simple glass of whiskey, a classic drink like an Old Fashioned, or any other cocktail you can think of. The resulting flavor depends on what type of wood you’re burning, but it adds layers of savory smokiness to your drink.

The Hottest Selling Food Smokers in Amazon