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To finish pickled cucumber with a vacuum sealer in 20 minutes

To finish pickled cucumber with a vacuum sealer in 20 minutes.

Key words: Pickled cucumber, Vacuum sealer, Vacuum container, Marinate

Crispy pickled cucumber, refreshing and mouth-watering, this is the simplest pickle practice, the unique taste and crisp and delicious. Today I want to teach you how to use a vacuum machine to quickly pickle cucumbers. Please take a look at the following steps:



Cucumber - 2pcs

Capsicum frutescens - 2pcs

Sugar - 1/2 spoon

Salt - 1 spoon

Garlic - 2pcs

Soy sauce - Appropriate

Mature vinegar - Appropriate

Plain boiled water - Appropriate


1, Cut the cucumber into strips


2,Add the capsicum frutescens, garlic and sugar into the cucumbers

3,Pour more light soy sauce, aged vinegar and plain water


4, The last but important step, put them into the vacuum container and then use a hose to connect with the vacuum sealer. Touch MARINATE function. It will marinate automatically.If want to get more flavor, do more circle. Then you can get the pickled cucumber in short 20 minutes but not 24 hours.

5, Let's get started