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VS6605 Vacuum Sealer More Improvement Coming For You

Vacuum sealer bringing us many advantage as food freshness extension,smaller storage space,avoid flavor odor,color changed and food mildew.Today let us make it short for the new coming VS6605 vacuum welder machine solve your potential issue.
Firstly roll storage holder size in 30cm L*6cm H,which make it easier for roll storage placing. On the other hand roll holder avoid lose issue happen of roll bag,which fully run out of roll using. Even you could open the roll storage cover for exchange roll as it won’t effect the vacuum pressure during vacuum process(vacuum chamber sealing form already created a sealed condition of vacuum bag) Easy clean by damp cloth. Pull the bag in suit required size from bag groove,cut it with insert bag cutter.

​​​​​​​Second high light is Magnetic lock transparent cover. Two side magnet lock ensure lid close firmly yet no need manual operate. Arched top shape better fit round roll dimension. Serrated edge on cover is helpfully prevent bag slip from cutting through stronger friction.

Bag stopper/Flexible lid holder
How to ensure bag opening in proper placement? Added bag stopper is here. Lid holder in elastic design,support upper lid keep semi-opened status when place bag,the bag stopper prevent vacuum failure from issue of bag opening excess vacuum chamber area.

Specially for juicy food vacuum

Juicy food normally need use bigger size bag for vacuum, it is because liquid won’t be sucked to bag opening before vacuum seal and do not impact seal effect. The problem is bag wastage,we have to change much bigger size bag compared with vacuum item. Yumyth latest improved air release valve port-when choose moist vacuum food mode,after vacuum for few second then air release, liquid won’t be sucked in damage vacuum pump,vacuum process will happen once again and automatically create completed sealing.

PULSE mode

Pulse vacuum become more flexible with optional vacuum effect control. Long press the button to continue and release to stop. No over vacuum especially for crispy snack.

Optional vacuum degree pump selection

Our standard VS6605 model vacuum sealer vacuum degree is negative 0.6 bar. The stronger vacuum level is negative 0.8 bar can be applied as well. It depends on your market demand. Show us idea and we show you solution.

Everyone can store any amount if ingredient in fresher way at any time with Yumyth vacuum sealer. Just one step,no more food spoilage,leftover even make food plan ahead. Will you start a healthier life?

VS6605 Vacuum Sealer More Improvement Coming For You