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What else do you need besides a vacuum sealer?-Food vacuum sealing bags

What else do you need besides a vacuum sealer? Food vacuum sealing bags
Now that we know about vacuum sealers, let's explore the accessories of vacuum sealers -- vacuum sealing bags.
If all the bags on the market are suitable for vacuum sealing, which of course isn't. The vacuum bags are strictly designed and treated. Under the condition of ensuring safety and quality, they are combined with the vacuum sealer to achieve the effect of food vacuum preservation. Therefore, if you want to vacuum seal food, you need to find a reliable manufacturer in the market.
And the Yumyth vacuum sealing bag is just what you need to keep exploring.

Why do we say that the Yumyth vacuum bag is good?

The Vacuum bag is suitable for food and non-food storage. For food, such as meat, it can be stored for five times longer and still fresh when it is free. Besides, non-food storage are no exception, such as silver. The air has been expelled by the vacuum machine, and the barrier effect of the bag has greatly reduced the oxidation rate, so when people take out the silver, it is still as new as ever.

The vacuum bag adopts the seven-layers co-extrusion process, which combines the food grade raw materials such as nylon layer PA, resin adhesive layer and PE support layer. The barrier function of PA and the support function of PE make the bag have better quality. Because the raw materials are safe and healthy, no chemical solvents, no heavy metal residue, so this vacuum bag will not smell, sealing effect is better. Yumyth also pays attention to the stretch ability of bags, which endows bags with excellent stretch ability and puncture resistance. Therefore, bags will not be easily punctured and the usage rate is relatively high.

How does the vacuum bags work?

If you look closely, the vacuum bag has a special air removal design that will help the vacuum machine take the air out of the bag, that is, the air will escape through these airways, so the vacuum effect of the vacuum bag is often praised. Food storage bags must be safe, and Yumyth's bags are passed the certificates of FDA,ROHS,LFGB and BPA FREE.
Bags are divided into bags and rolls. For example, we have rolls of 28*500cm, 28cm just meet the standard food vacuum machine on the market, and 500cm long roll bags, you can cut according to your own requirements and hobbies, convenient and practical.

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