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What is Difference Between Yumyth And Others?

Price is the primary consideration for many people when buying a vacuum sealer, but they neglect quality. As we all know, you get what you pay for. It is said that the price of high quality products will be more expensive than that of low quality, but the quality is outstanding.


How do you know which machine is of better quality? Today let's compare the differences between Yumyth and other factories:


1. The width of sealing:

An adequate sealing width can ensure tight sealing effect. Whether it is dry or moist food, the proper sealing width can help the food to keep fresh longer, without wasting the bag and allowing the bag to keep food fresh for the best.

Yumyth: 3mm

Other factories: 2mm


2. The shape and voltage of heating wire:

The cost of this high pressure heating wire is very cheap, so the unit price of the machine is cheap as well. But people ignore its shortcomings:

1) Spiral heating wire is easy to lead to uneven heating, especially when the food contains a small amount of water, the sealing strip can not be sealed as a whole.

2) What's more, 220V is a voltage that can cause people to get electric shock. Once touched at work, there is a personal safety risk. This must not have passed the safety certification, such as CE, CB, ETL, GS......

Yumyth: Low voltage sheet heating wire (12V)

Yumyth vacuum sealer has passed certificates of CE, EMC, LVD, ROHS, ETL, GS, CB, LFGB, REACH, SCCP, PAHS, ERP.

Other factories: High voltage helical heating wire (220V)


3. The distinguish of Internal raw materials

1) Vacuum pump:

80kpa is much more powerful than -60kpa.

The -60kpa has a slower vacuum, softer force, and lower pumping volume.

The -80kpa is a more powerful pump with a larger volume and a shorter time.

The disadvantage of diaphragm pumpSmaller pumping capacity, small noise; But it is lower in price accordingly. 

The disadvantage of piston pump: Loud noise, expensive; But the pumping capacity is larger.


Yumyth: Piston pump, -80kpa

Other factories: Diaphragm pump, -60kpa


2) Power panel:

Yumyth(Upper power panel): There are so many powerful and practical parts supporting the best vacuum sealing effect. NTC Thermistor - temperature sensor is attached for preventing vacuum sealer from damage after continuous use and approaching 85 temperature. The practicability of raw material avoids the disadvantages of low voltage and improves product performance.


Other factories(Under power panel): Easy and simple power panel contributes to saving money but it also limits product performance. Without NTC over heat protection system and less performance in vacuum sealing, vacuum sealers cant got good feedback from market.


There are so many differences without comparison! More differences remain to be discovered.


Therefore, in addition to comparing price and function, quality is also a factor that must be considered. The low price enjoys the quality that goes with the low price, but once the machine affects the safety of human life, it will be a great risk! Contact us to learn more.

Difference Between Yumyth And Others