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What Machines are the Vacuum Sealer Closely Related to

As a vacuum sealer manufacturer, we must use a variety of electronic and testing machines, it is these corresponding machines to bring us more efficient and more durable vacuum machine, today let's  explore what machines are the vacuum sealer closely related to and the  contribution to the vacuum sealers.

AC Frequency Conversion Power Supply: this is a machine that can ensure the machine to use 50Hz and 60Hz when working, which plays a great role in the stability of the machine. So we know the vacuum sealer works 50-60 Hz.

High/low temperature test chamber: the function of high/low temperature test chamber is very obvious, test the influence on the vacuum machine at high/low temperature, such as the working life, temperature when disturbed, etc.

Another very important machine: the life tester. How long will the machine rest or be damaged after continuous sealing of the machine for many times? In fact, continuous sealing will temporarily rest the vacuum sealer, but will not damage it. After continuous sealing for several times, the temperature of the sealing strip will rise and once reaching its maximum value of "85 degrees Celsius", the overheating protection system of the machine will be activated and the machine will temporarily rest until the sealing strip returns to the normal temperature, and the machine can be used again (usually 5-10 minutes).

If you want to extend the maximum service life of the machine, you only need to make each vacuum sealing interval of 60 seconds, the service life of the machine can be extended (including the time to put the food into the bag).

The importance cannot be ignored is the motor, some vacuum machines have a pump, some even two pumps.The pressure of the pump is divided into -60kPa and -80kPa. Some machines, such as VS6611,VS6621 and VS6602, have a choice of pressure levels. -60kPa is enough to seal common foods such as dry food, while -80kPa vacuum sealers, such as VS668 series in Yumyth, will help you seal food with confidence with a small amount of water (after the food has been roughly dried). At the same, the vacuum pressure of some two pumps vacuum sealers can reach -80kPa, with high efficiency, low noise characteristics.

We also have DC electrical source: this is a machine that helps vacuum machines such as VS6601M that can use DC power and can be charged outdoors. 12V convenient socket, convenient to seal food in the outdoor dinner use.

Today we introduced the required machines when producing vacuum sealers. The characteristics of the machine bring the vacuum sealers more unique, more efficient function. If you want to experience the effects of these vacuum sealers, check out Yumyth.

What Machines are the Vacuum Sealer Closely Related to