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What we can do for food vacuum storage?

Food preservation can be varied at diverse methods, such as storing food in the refrigerator and using vacuum machine to last storage time of the cate.


But we can’t fulfill the taste of ingredients by normal storage, most folk are tend to preserve food with vacuum machine for keeping the aroma and flavor of cate longer.

Food vacuum machine is consisted of vacuum sealer, vacuum canister and etc.



What function of vacuum sealer?

As the food saver, vacuum sealer can vacuum food and seal the sealing bags. You may realize that vacuum sealer can be worked with sealing bags. It works well, of course! In addition,combined with wine stopper and vacuum canister, the effect of preservation the same as vacuuming sealing bags.


The storage time of many kinds of food like soup and beans stored by vacuum sealer can longer than normal preservation for five times!


In the meanwhile, there are food setting, speeding mode and marinate function in the vacuum sealer which meets people different demand.


Some shops attach much importance on the surface of vacuum sealer, providing a high-end visual enjoyment and the service of easy clean.


What different about Vacuum canister and vacuum sealer?

New-type electronic vacuum canister operate easily through press the red button.

As you can see, the obvious difference is surface. Vacuum jar sets with three sizes supporting the specific amount of food preservation. Proper size of jar can fully use the function and save the refrigerator space.


One of shinning point of vacuum canister is supporting USB detachable cable for charging. 750mAh of total capacity large enough to take outside activities for timely food preservation.


The vacuum jar is made of food grade plastic and silicone which take care of customers’ health with a green and healthy raw material.


Wow, so many features here, let’s try it!

What we can do for food vacuum storage?