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Why do the smoked cocktails become more and more popular with smoker gun?

Why do the smoked cocktails become more and more popular with smoker gun?

Smoked cocktails can taste delicious—and impress your guests to boot.

So how to make smoked cocktails at home

There’s more than one way to smoke a cocktail, depending on how much you want to invest and how much smoke you want to add.


The first option, which will give the lightest smoke flavor, is to smoke-rinse your glass. First, chill your glass.Prepare the cocktail, and right before you pour, take whatever you are smoking and set it on fire, preferably with a blowtorch. Do not use lighter fluid since that will impart a chemical flavor. Turn your chilled glass upside down on top of the burning ingredient (options below), covering it completely, and the smoke will stick to the sides of the glass. Once the smoke dissipates, you’re ready to pour.

Another option is to smoke-rinse the whole cocktail. Use a large vessel such as a wine decanter or pitcher with a small opening to capture the smoke. As above, after chilling the vessel, set the smoking ingredient on fire, then place the vessel on top. Let a little oxygen in—this way, the fire will burn longer and you can collect as much smoke as possible. Once you’re satisfied with your smoke (a few minutes is a good rule of thumb), pour your prepared cocktail into the vessel and swirl it around. You can let it sit, but most of the smoke flavor will happen in the first 30 seconds or so. Pour your smoky drink into a glass and enjoy.

If you plan to make smoked cocktails your specialty, consider buying a Yumyth smoke infuser VG1100G. Place the smoking ingredient in the chamber at the top and use the hose to pour a controlled stream of smoke straight into your glass.



Here are a few ingredients to try, each lending specific flavors to your cocktail:

Oak wood: can partially mimic barrel aging and accentuate the charred wood notes in whisky
Pecan wood: charred nuttiness
Rosemary: rustic, herbaceous flavor
Cinnamon: subtle sweetness and lighter smoke
Vanilla beans: sweet and light smoke
Citrus peels: use as a garnish to provide the essence on top of the cocktail
Salt: can lift a drink and enhance the full flavor profile
Ice: creates a gradual subtle smokiness as it melts



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