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Why is everyone using automatic vacuum canisters?

In this age when basic food and clothing can already be solved, people will pay more attention to the pursuit of quality of life in addition to solving the basic survival problems, so they will pay attention to their own health and behavior feelings. When it comes to enjoyment, eating is a very enjoyable process, but many people fret that the preservation time of food is too short. Later, it was discovered that some kitchen assistants, vacuum machines, were very effective in keeping food fresh for a long time.

Vacuum sealer is the best machine for food preservation at present, whether it is dry or moist food, vacuum machine can extend the freshness time four to five times.

But the vacuum machine on the market is bigger commonly, have the vacuum machine that suits small kitchen to use? The answer, of course, is yes.

What's so good about the Yumyths vacuum tank?

As a vacuum can, it has some unexpected functions:

1. It has the same function of food storage as canisters on the market, but it also has vacuum ability

2. It contains automatic motor, which can realize the vacuum sealing effect of food with one click. Easy and convenient.

3. Made of food-grade plastic and food-grade silica gel, the transparent body can clearly see the vacuum state of food, which is also convenient for cleaning.

4. The inside of the lid contains a silica gel ring, which fits tightly to the tank body to ensure the sealing effect

5. With the removable nozzle, it can act on the air valve bag to achieve the vacuum seal of the bag

Do you want to grab a vacuum tank?

Join us now, pay attention to health together, enjoy a more beautiful and quality of life!


Why is everyone using automatic vacuum canisters?