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Yumyth Create A Fresh Foodstuff Even For Camping Event

Kitchen appliance can be used in home only?

The stereotype imagination is yes. But in Yumyth,the subvert innovation is NO.


For portable charge is the main point of outdoor electronic.How to switch the high voltage into low voltage is important.Actually we make it!


We produce with portable food vacuum sealer is not limited indoor use but also outdoor.Vacuum sealer model VS6601M AC+DC12V perfectly combine auto charging.Initial 2 selectable charging port make it happen of outdoor camping.


How to make car charging successfully?

  1. 1. Voltage conversion circuit board.
  2. 2. Detachable power cord for selectable power port

What additional part we combine?

  • Designed with S/S material surface meet food grade standard.
  • Removable S/S kitchen scale platform manage your ingredient weight and diet. 
  • Max 2KG loading capacity and overloading indicator in ‘OLD’ to remainder you timely.


We aim at and working hard in patented small kitchen appliance,let more people enjoy cooking,baking yet with fresh ingredient is our mission.


Family and team camping event no longer limited us from making food plan ahead.


Don’t you want to try it yet?

 Yumyth Create A Fresh Foodstuff Even For Camping Event